Office Consultations

Dr. Meyer provides pulmonary consultations at his Carmichael, California, office that include a complete pulmonary and medical interview, a complete physical examination, chest x-ray, electrocardiogram and pulmonary function tests as complete as those found in most hospitals. He performs diagnostic procedures, such as fiber optic bronchoscopy, at the adjacent Mercy San Juan Medical Center. You may contact his office at 916-488-5864 for an appointment.

Since his retirement in 2015, and closure of his office in Carmichael, he has joined where cyber appointments can be made for consultations and follow up examinations. Appointments are seen on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This avoids travel to an office, exposure to the Corona Virus, avoids sitting in a waiting room, avoids leaving your home, and being evaluated sometimes within the hour or the same day with medications sent to your usual pharmacy.

Harvard Health Study

The Harvard Health Study was a large country-wide endeavor to recruit physicians for clinical studies. There were 44,000 doctors that participated in determining if aspirin was useful in preventing heart attacks. Doctor Meyer has been part of the Harvard Health Study since its inception in 1981. He participated in the initial aspirin study for eight years. The code was broken in 1989, and it was found that the 22,000 doctors that took aspirin had far fewer heart attacks than the 22,000 doctors that took the placebo. He continued the clinical study and is currently participating in the continuation of the beta carotene cancer study, now in its 18th year, as well as the antioxidant study, now in its tenth year. In both studies, Dr Meyer does not know if he is taking placebos or the actual drug. He feels that ongoing participation in these research studies is an important contribution to society.

Web Consultations

Web Medical Consultations are becoming increasingly popular for second opinions. Several of the large clinics have recorded their experiences in the medical literature. These web medical consultations are on a cash basis since they don’t meet the usual insurance or Medicare requirements of a direct patient examination. Web consultations are based on submission of examinations and test results from the patient’s primary and/or consulting physician. You must acquire your own medical records to include a current medical history, physical examination, pulmonary function tests, x-ray reports, electrocardiogram, and any available blood tests. If you do not live near Sacramento and would like a second pulmonary opinion, you may want to consider this twenty-first century approach. Distance is not a factor. Dr Meyer has rendered second opinions to patients from other continents.

If interested, please contact Dr Meyer’s office at 916-488-5864 or send an email to for an online or virtual appointment or time frame. Please outline your pulmonary problem as you perceive it, indicate when it started, how it’s progressing, what makes the symptoms worse and what makes them better, the tests that have already been done, and the diagnosis and treatment you have been given so far. Include copies of all medical records and tests regarding this problem. You must acquire your own medical records to include a current medical history, physical examination, pulmonary function tests, x-ray reports, electrocardiogram, and any available blood tests and send to:

Delbert H Meyer, MD
6945 Fair Oaks Blvd., Ste A-2
Carmichael, CA 95608

You will then complete a questionnaire that will be emailed to you, after which a phone interview will be conducted prior to rendering the consultative report. Medicare and Medicaid patients cannot apply. Be sure to include your full name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, and whether you can open attached documents in WP, MSW or both. The fee for reviewing the data, conducting the telephone interview and rendering a consultative report is $400. The consultation fee has to be received before the case will be reviewed and a second opinion rendered.

Since we are not your treating physician and a personal physical examination will not be conducted, no prescriptions or treatment will be authorized. You may discuss our recommendations with your personal physician. This is strictly a second opinion that will be rendered in writing based on the information received. For medical/legal and licensing requirements, the opinion is rendered in Sacramento County, California.