This Hippocrates and His Kin column has been appearing in Sacramento Medicine since 1993 and has now run its course. I thank Richard Johnson, MD, editor of this journal for 15 years preceding my four-year term, for encouraging me to write the HHK column in the summer of 1993. Over these eight years, I have appreciated the several editorial committees for allowing me great latitude in writing this OpEd column which has appeared in every issue until last month. Thanks to the members of the medical society for their comments and encouragement. I was gratified with the email response from colleagues and others from several states and Canada, who have followed the web edition, and other county medical societies, who republished some of them. At this time, I will continue to bring you my collection of vignettes, comments, and opinions of other physicians in the Voices of Medicine (VOM) column which was initially started, at my suggestion, by James Coyle, MD, who reviewed the various county society journals. He wrote the column from April 1995, until his untimely death in April 1998.Your feedback to is appreciated.