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Forty-five Years Ago (September 1952)

The Board of Directors was asked to give its opinion on society members listing their names, addresses, and telephone numbers in directories other than Sacramento. The Board felt this procedure is not in good taste and is a discourtesy to physicians of other communities where the listing would appear.

An inquiry was made if any of the society members present had ever seen a case of Hay Asthma or Summer Catarrh in California. This disorder was under investigation in the Atlantic States where many individuals were so harassed by the annual recurrence of the disease that they fled regularly from their houses to seek places of refuge. It was concluded that Haying Asthma did not occur in California.

Doctors were informed of the serious adoption problem in Sacramento County, one of the larger, more populous counties. Direct costs of care for children in foster homes was estimated at $45,000 a year. One child had over twenty separate placements, eighteen children had more than five placements. The only agency authorized in this area was The Children’s Home Society of California. However, nonagency adoptions exceed agency adoptions 10-1. Physicians who helped unmarried mothers during the last stages of pregnancy secure legal release received the resented “Gray Marketeer” designation.

Thirty years ago (Sept 1967)

New abortion law goes into effect. This allows the termination of pregnancy in JCAH hospitals if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, and the DA’s office concurs such a crime occurred, or the physical and mental health of the mother is in grave jeopardy, and unanimous approval from a committee of the medical staff of not less than two members of the medical staff. No abortion may be performed after the 20th week of pregnancy.

The society sponsored new tax-sheltered Keogh Retirement plan for members and their employees will take place in October. Wells Fargo Bank was retained as the Trustee to manage the Keogh contributions.

Dr Orland Wiseman, an antique car enthusiast, tells about the “Horseless Carriage Club of America and his own two antique finds. In 1949 he found a 1911 Firestone in a field outside Stockton, and in 1950 he found a 1912 Cadillac in a barn in Willows. He then describes the restoration which comes after the acquisition. If you know of a 1908 Winton, he offers to cancel out the afternoon and follow your directions to acquire it.