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There is confusion by the public on appropriate corona-virus control. Perhaps it was caused by much of the information in the media which came from Mayors, Governors, and other administrators. But then the medical experts from CDC, NIH and others support the isolation technique.

There were studies of the projection of the virus-containing droplets ejected with a cough which occurs in a conical fashion of approximately 60 degrees projecting to 6 feet on average. More recent studies have shown a projection of a mild cough to 4 or 5 feet and a forceful cough or sneeze projecting up to 7 meters.(20+ ft) Hence, there is no safe social of physical distancing that would prevent an infectious person from infecting another person. The only way to stop the corona virus is at the source by covering the mouth and nose with a mask.

The initial incubation period was estimated to be 4 or 5 days with the infectious period being 48 hours prior to clinical symptoms, which includes coughing or sneezing. Newer data estimates that the incubation period is 10 to 14 days. Hence, people who don’t think they are ill are spreading the virus for up to 10 days prior to illness. When CHINA, after months of unfortunate delays, and after arresting the doctor who initially made the diagnosis (who subsequently died of the virus) enforced the wearing of mask by everyone or be cited, there were no new cases after 14 days.

This then means that everyone must wear a mask every time he leaves his house or leaves his car if we want to stop the spread of the corona-virus. Otherwise we will have sporadic recurrences of this infection into the future.

The initial corona-virus infection in this country was on Jan 20, 2020. After three months we are still experiencing new cases nearly every day. We will continue to have progression of this pandemic until everyone wears a mask in public at all times until there are no new cases.

Business closures should be limited to those where a mask would interfere such as restaurants, bars, salons, barber shops, etc. Many businesses could remain open with reduced traffic by having door monitors, mask requirements, sanitation sprays at the door, and infra-red non-touching thermometers so no one with a fever over 100.4 be admitted. Unless businesses, remain solvent so they can pay rent, salaries and other expenses, we may proceed to another depression.

School children would be unable to wear a mask at all times and schools should remain closed until the pandemic is over. However, there are now CDs, DVDs, CD-Roms available for essentially most subjects from K-12 and so parents could have a rewarding experience with their own children as they maintain their learning experience.

Respectfully submitted to the Sacramento BEE | April 17, 2020

Delbert H. Meyer, MD Pulmonologist | Sacramento.